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The Most Reliable*
Heating & Cooling.

Trane Products

For over 100 years, Trane has built a legacy of providing a comfort system like no other, using uncompromising quality, innovation and reliability. When it comes to heating and cooling homes, people view Trane equipment as the most reliable in the industry.* Trane was also the brand selected by dealers as the best in reliability.**

The legacy lives on today with Trane's continued dedication to ensure our products deliver dependable comfort year after year. 

It's Hard To Stop A Trane... Really Hard.


Trane® - It's Hard To Stop A Trane.

*Ingersoll Rand Marketing Insights, Trane Claim Consumer Survey, September 2014. **Independent research by JLA Strategic Research LLC

Tune Up Your Air Conditioning System Yearly to Save Energy and Money!

Don't let an unexpected break down, or even worse – an expensive repair, catch you by surprise. Tune your air conditioning system for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. Our tune up checklist includes the following services:

  • Inspect indoor coil and report on condition
  • Inspect inside insulation of air handler cabinet for loose sections
  • Clean drain pan, flush/vacuum drain line
  • Check drain line fittings for tight water seal
  • Treat drain pan and drain with align preventive
  • Visual check for any refrigerant leaks (oil stains)
  • Check system operation and refrigerant levels with gauges and adjust if needed
  • Check return air filter and advise (wash if reusable)
  • Check all electrical connections for tightness
  • Check capacitors with digital multi-meter
  • Check compressor amperage draw
  • Check condenser motor amperage draw
  • Check for any oil seeping out of condenser fan motor sleeve bearings
  • Check blower motor amperage draw
  • Check for any oil seeping out of blower motor sleeve bearings
  • Inspect blower wheel for any debris accumulation and vibration
  • Check thermostat calibration and batteries
  • Check condenser coils and clean, if necessary
  • Check temperature in and out of coils
  • Visual inspection for proper operation
  • Check safety devices and advise
  • Install service panels to assure proper seal
  • Adjust system for optimum cooling and energy savings

You'll also receive:

  • Priority service on emergency repairs (if you need service, you'll get it fast)
  • 10% discount on all parts and labor for any repairs
  • Custom made, high efficiency disposable filters for your unit, delivered to your home (no more searching for the correct size to fit your unit)