J.C. Moya

Living in South Florida, we tend to take our air conditioners for granted. When we moved into our house several years ago, we couldn’t figure out why our electric bill was so high, and why our bedroom always seemed to be at a different temperature than the rest of the house. Our old unit broke down a few times and I’ve always relied on Unitech. Unitech has always responded quickly and efficiently to our calls. Eventually, Harold performed a complete replacement of our entire A/C system, the positive results were dramatic. The installation and workmanship of the ducts is superb and the Trane CleanEffects filter system that he recommended has helped relieve many of our recurring allergies. Our bills have gone down and our comfort level has gone up. It doesn’t hurt to know, that if anything goes wrong, Unitech will be there. Unitech’s professionalism, customer service standards and integrity make it a few cuts above the rest.